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Olivia Munn, who's been dating the Green Bay Packers' quarterback, starred in Proactiv's first-ever Super Bowl ad, a contingency buy that aired during the overtime spawned by the New England Patriots comeback.The first overtime in Super Bowl history may have seemed totally unexpected.

With Central, they’ve streamlined operations and seen significant improvements for the organization including cost savings on licensing and hardware, decreased IT time spent on support requests, and proactive identification of critical software updates and machine health.

And because it’s making us more nimble, we’re saving money because our technicians are more efficient and productive.

Among Tom Brady's many amazing feats on Sunday was getting Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend into the game.

But not by Proactiv, said a spokeswoman in an email: "Proactiv strategically planned to air its branded spot during OT, as they knew it was going to be a close game, and it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase a more brand-focused approach vs.

the traditional direct-marketing approach that's historically been the company's focus." A Proactiv spokeswoman did not disclose how much it paid Fox to run the ad, but said the cost of buying the overtime option was less than what it would have been to run an ad during the regulation game. The 30-second spot was cut from a 60-second version that had been running elsewhere in recent months.

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