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We can start sounding like a broken record asking the same questions and talking about the same topics.

But finding real authentic love where someone loves us for who we are is hard.

This approach is best exemplified by an amusing quote from the film Basically, in an attempt to co-ordinate on the right dating strategy, we stick to universally shared interests such as food or the weather.

It's easy to talk about our views on mushrooms and anchovies over dinner at a pizzeria -- the problem is that this guarantees an anti-stimulating conversation, and certainly it is not a useful measure of our long term romantic prospects.

Tinder, America’s fast-growing online-dating juggernaut, last week unveiled its first big branding partnership aimed at its core audience of millennial fling-seekers: a neon-drenched video-ad campaign hyping Bud Light’s mega-keg party, “Whatever, USA.” Meanwhile, over at Tinder’s less-youthful rival e Harmony, a recent ad saw its 80-year-old founder counseling a single woman besieged by bridesmaid’s invitations to take some time (and, of course, the site’s 200-question compatibility quiz) to find that special someone: “Beth, do you want fast or forever?

” Both companies are dominant forces in America’s .2 billion online-dating industry, which in the last few years has quickly become a bedrock of the American love life.

Blowing cyberkisses has become a popular pastime in emerging markets too.

In countries and cultures in which arranged marriages are common, sites such as India's Shaadi and Bharat Matrimony, which boast many millions of clients, are a big hit with young people who want to influence how their marriage partners are chosen.

Most try by coming up with a list of funny stories to tell, witty comments to shoot off, and try to impress the other person with their commentary.Dates can be hard when you want to balance between being your authentic self and making sure you make a positive impression on someone.Coming up with original topics for conversations on dates without sounding boring and like everyone else can be challenging, especially when you’ve been on so many different dates.Is there a way for us to figure out who is genuine on dates before we are emotionally invested in them? When you become a great at conversations and charismatic, you have the ability to bring out the authentic side of people and when you do you can figure out their authentic side on the first dates.These tips will show you how and what are the best types of questions to ask for interesting, authentic conversations to build intimacy on your date.

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