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I wrote my own attribute that can a) decorate a controller class and will only validate that class’s POST actions, and b) will work with ajax posts by allowing you to put the anti forgery token in the headers for the request. This means that you can decorate your base controller with this new Validate Anti Forgery Token On All Posts attribute, and then all forms in your application will no longer work until you put @Html. $Setup(); Hi , thanks for the nice post I found the token generated in html form keep changing every time a new form is rendered. And there is another function, that is “salt” for the anti Forgery Token, but i really know what this used for, even through we don’t use “salt” to generate the token, the token will changes all the time, so why we have such function ?Thanks in advance The token is generated randomly on every page load – and it needs to be. Headers[“__Request Verification Token”]); I have a valid machinekey element defined in the web.config, which is being used to encrypt the token.Probably form doesn't have time to receive respond from ajax validation or something else.Also I see In Chrome it sends additional request on submit, but there is no such request in FF (maybe this is connected to the issue).As you can see here, nothing is too fancy; it's a typical form.Also note that I'm using twitter bootstrap here to make things prettier.

Ajax enables a dynamic, asynchronous Web experience without the need for page refreshes.The user will be able to invoke the Web page using a Web browser (such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer) and enter the servlet residing in a Web container.The servlet then queries the database, fetches the data, and sends it back to the client, again in the form of XML over HTTP.One is for comparing date, and one for comparing time.When ajax validation is enabled and I click submit button in Chrome - two records appears in DB. On submit I see 1 request to the server in FF and 2 in Chrome.

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If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that all machines are running the same version of ASP. Richiban, I think your solution is better than the one I found at ASP.,net page and the code is definitely better.

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