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The date has been set and details have been revealed about Holly Durst and Blake Julian’s wedding.

After snooping around Rumor Fix, In Touch Weekly, and Wet Paint, here is what I have uncovered.

The official weddings are well known and often televised: Trista and Ryan Sutter, Jason and Molly Mesnick, Sean and Catherine Lowe, and so on.

But “non-official weddings” are even more common among the contestants. Even better, who married the lookalike brother of a .

They were a good team and played it well, although I thought Holly and Blake would have more backlash.

So are you shocked that Holly and Blake are engaged? Talk about the decision to tell Michael during the taping.

It was part of that week’s competition), but Blake ruffled some feathers when he chose Holly to accompany him on the date he won for besting his fellow contenders in the kissing competition.

are dating game shows, but to the surprise of many, they often result in real love — albeit sometimes indirectly.

Holly called off their engagement and the pair were reunited on which ironically is where Holly met Blake. In other news, Holly finally found a publisher for her children’s book, Chocolate Socks.

Date: June 2, 2012 Wedding Location: At Glassy Mountain Chapel in South Carolina Honeymoon Location: One week in St.

Lucia, a small island in the Caribbean The Dress: Designed by Alfred Angelo, but the exact dress is being kept secret for the big day The Bridal Party: Holly’s sister is set to be the maid of honor.

When keeping Kasey and Vienna was finally smart, they got rid of them.

As soon as they did that, I was like, "Well, you just lost the money.

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, but he lost something far more important--the love of his life, Holly Durst.

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