Restore iphone after jailbreak without updating

Only proceed and install if you made you mind clear.Once completed, the display will show some red and yellow text before crashing Cydia, which is because Cydia has just been erased even though you will still see the app icon on the Home screen. After completion, you will find a familiar looking stock i Phone setup screen.

Sadly, if you have tried everything your only option is to update to ios 8.4.1 via itunes and wait for a jailbreak.

Use OSRestore X to restore to i OS 10.2 without having to update to latest version, or losing jailbreak capability. It’s something important to understand that talking about to do with jailbreaking, things can, and do, go wrong. In this tutorial, we are restoring to a clean version of the firmware, all content will be removed so you do need an i Cloud or i Tunes backup of data.

Step 2: Once done, launch the Cydia Installer app, available to download for Windows and Mac systems. Installing this package will instantly set it to work erasing the necessary files.

Sorry [email protected] I actually had a problem and it was the OTA update bro, read here and theres more tech blogs saying same [email protected] No, you can only restore i OS versions that Apple is signing. Make sure your i Tunes is up to date, you have all passcodes disabled (including i Tunes backup encryption), and Find My i Phone is off.

If that doesn't help, I'd try a different computer. I tried it using my friend's desktop and after a few tries it worked. After I installed and Ccbackground on my jailbroken 6 plus, Siri only works after rebooting my phone, than stop working moments later.

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