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According to the mental health charity Mind, one in four people in the UK will experience mental health problems each year.Meaning that, if you have a mental illness, you’re in good company. Geralyn is a 27-year-old mental health counsellor in Tampa, Florida, who lives with bipolar disorder and generalised anxiety disorder.You wouldn’t share private family matters with someone you didn’t fully trust, and disclosing your mental illness is no different.Whether you decide to talk about it on the first date or not until months in, the important thing is that you have a connection. There are some brilliant, beautiful, talented people on that list, and it's honestly really comforting to be in that company with something that otherwise devastates me. So did Robin Williams, Edgar Allan Poe and Virginia Woolf.The link was strongest among those who studied music or literature, the two disciplines in which genius and madness are most often linked in historical records.The study was conducted by researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, with colleagues from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

I nap to protect myself from thinking too much about mortality. It took me years - and some pretty rough side-effects, like seizures, tremors, rashes, irregular heartbeats, moderate chubbiness, extreme thirst, disorientation, nausea, migraines and a revolting taste of metal on my tongue - to find the right medication.Scientists have for the first time found powerful evidence that genius may be linked with madness.Speculation that the two may be related dates back millennia, and can be found in the writings of Aristotle, Plato and Socrates.“I’ve had people tell me that I don’t look ‘crazy’ or even that ‘we all have that.’ I’ve also had people tell me that they think that I’m strong and resilient, and I’m grateful to say that response tends to be the norm in my life.”Regardless of the response you get, opening up about a mental illness can take your relationship to the next level.“It can actually be a great litmus test regarding the quality of the relationship,” says psychotherapist Meg Batterson.

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But, that doesn’t change the fact that talking about your mental illness an be quite the challenge, particularly when it comes to disclosing it to someone you’re dating.“The fear is rooted in the stigma that usually surrounds mental illness and the uncertainty about how someone will react,” says Bob Carolla, the director of media relations for U. Although she embraces these diagnoses as part of who she is, Geralyn definitely gets nervous about telling new partners.

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