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I used the apps simultaneously and being a complete novice on the online dating space, I started chatting with one of the first "matches" on OKC.

This guy – Rahul (name changed) – started a "normal" conversation: on my hobby, favourite food, reading habits, choice in music and others.

We recognize that dating abuse knows no boundaries and that both men and women can be both perpetrators and victims of abuse.

However, the vast majority of reported dating abuse is men as perpetrators and women as victims–for this reason, the victim will often be refered to as “she” on this website.

The National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a telephone survey of 8,000 women and 8,000 men, 18 years and older.

They found that 1 in 12 women & 1 in 45 men will be stalked in their lifetime.

While Tinder was easy to use, with a swipe you decide to "like" or "unlike" someone, OKC was a bit more exhaustive with numerous questions, including your detailed likes/dislikes on your choices in music, food, love etc.Calling dating violence a pattern doesn’t mean the first instance of abuse is not dating violence.It just recognizes that dating violence usually involves a series of abusive behaviors over a course of time.There’s even a proverb specifically for this: “열번찍어 안넘이 가는 나무 없다,” which roughly translates as “There is no tree that can withstand being chopped 10 times.” (Image source, right.) It’s not that I can’t see those sweet and noble elements, nor how many Korean women would surely exploit the practice, in a playing hard to get fashion (some more Korean that comes to mind is “희망고문하다,” literally to “hope-torture [someone],” or to repeatedly string someone along and then break their heart).But I think that the consensus of most Westerners is that if the woman says she’s not interested…then she’s not interested, and hence that the man’s behavior after being told stalking, regardless of how sweet or noble his intentions.

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New ways of stalking emerge frequently and no list can encompass them all, but stalking behaviors can include: You can be stalked by someone you know casually, a current boyfriend or girlfriend, someone you dated in the past, or a stranger.

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