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Is the Amiga still holding it's own against the other 16-hit home computers and consoles?Investigating the machines available today we take a closer look inside the A500 Plus and examine in detail what makes it special Also in this special feature, we look at the sort ol hardware and software that can be rounded up to make your Amiga into a PC-beater at a fraction of the price The future is wide open and it starts here in another CU special report. As the European Championships draw ever closer, computer Football games are becoming big business once more. Enqvirt, - Tel 0*58 - 410510 Order line I omwerpkone) 0858 410888 Bocit woes - P O Box 500, Leicester, LC99 OAA. SS i Kow Nel CLASH- • 071-9726700 « p Iimp it- «n lift •( 0* ittft-lw*: can I rarcn J* nan I ora r gr- ingn let m ran COMPETITION COVERDISKS Our coverdisks have always been lamed for their up-to-the- minute demos and variety of utilities and accessories, but this month we've got to admit that we've excelled ourselves.

Transcriptionist so, early I aim "to" mainly used all mandatory attendance. Gold Ltd., Units 2 3, Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6 7AX. TI O' THI BIHOLDCR II • SHADOW SORCERER TIL: 0139 454 13* HIUSf AR • DRAGONS W FLAME • HEROES OF THE LANCE 111: 0891 443 03S CURSE Of THI AZURE BONOS • POOL Of RADIANCE • champions of krtnn til 0191 442 024 BUCK ROGERS • SKKT Of THI St VH UADIS • ETI Of THIEHCUW TIL 0891 443 030 Ort Un ONSTUATH. At 'AMIGA CNNf INTS The ever-bustling Public Domain scene has thrown up yet another array of essential megademos and unbelievable utllitias, and CU Amiga is here to bring you all the latest advances on this most exciting ef cir cuits. CALL THE © GOLD PHONE HINTS & TIPS LINE Lf Cf NO Of DARKMOON |!I'm a Christian living in the Columbus, Ohio passions include Bible study, theology, reading, hiking, history, baseball and '70s pop music.I Love new things ,meeting good people ,and Living Life to the fullest.

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