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This is a year-long process during which the DOR examines every phase of the assessing operation before certifying the values.

The tables used in the Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system are adjusted so that the median assessment of the sales sample is within 10% of 100% of market value and the dispersion of the assessments to sales ratios in the sample are within State guidelines.

It can be hard to express our feelings, manage frustration, or effectively repair disconnection.

We may find ourselves having the same argument over and over again, or refuse to discuss certain subjects to avoid a fight.

If the same amount of money is to be raised for the current year after a valuation update from the previous year, and each assessment has doubled, the tax rate would be cut in half.

And vice versa, if each assessment decreased by 20%, and the same amount of money was to be raised, the tax rate would increase by 20%.

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“People who were around in the Combat Zone era think it’s been cleaned up.

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