Is a battery needed for updating

: Z If u know any way, also how to hotflash BIOS, I'll risk it.... If there are only two, there's no problem with hooking up an external battery to the laptop and flash it with that thing connected..

That’s the best way to tell if what you just tried worked or not since battery life isn’t something you can gauge instantly. Look, I know this is really simplistic but, if you haven’t done a full shutdown and restart, do one.

This isn’t the first time we’ve touched base on Surface battery issues, in the past Joanna and I have covered individual things you could do to figure out what’s going on with your battery but, now I’ll cover a more complete process for troubleshooting (and hopefully, correcting) battery issues with your Surface tablet.

Oh, and while I’m focusing on the Surface Pro 3 because of it’s popularity (this is Love My Surface, after all), these steps will work with any Surface model and any other Windows 8.1 device, for that matter.

IBM also sells normal PC's and by them they don't demand charged battery if u update BIOS. IBM also sells normal PC's and by them they don't demand charged battery if u update BIOS. I didn't flame any moderator here, I flame IBM, because they don't give by updating of a BIOS a user any other chance than to buy a battery that lasts for one and a half year if u're lucky!

I can't say this will work for everyone, and don't know if the apparent improvement will continue or not, but since I use my laptop off-power for a while each day, I'm going to continue the cycle --- hopefully the improvement will continue!

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You got a new Surface a few months ago and it was awesome!

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