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more of a happy, supportive and non-competitive Mom?!

I'm laid back, loyal, fun-loving, and honest (almost to a fault).

Seriously, you would expect it would be a laff riot up in there, with all sorts of incredibly selfish me-me-me stuff in the dating profiles, but actually, we have seen far more outrageously assholish profiles in general-purpose dating sites like OKCupid.

Oh, sure, you get some Rand-inflected stuff like this note from “Dominique Taggart,” 23, in Fiji: Virtues I recognize, earn and revere include rationality, truth, self-interest, self-confidence, originality of thought, creativity, productivity, justice,…

Not only that, once-reliable traffic-generators like “Glenn Beck says something OFF THE WALL (again)” or “Sarah Palin says something IDIOTIC (again)” don’t really bring in that much traffic anymore. If they weren’t, then they wouldn’t be Republicans.

Most people who read this blog probably don’t need anyone, including me, explaining that to them. Today, though, I’m making an exception for the #1 dumbest rightwing reaction to Stephen Colbert taking over for David Letterman.

” Admirers, because a great thinker does not have mere “fans.” So of course, we registered and got ourselves a clever username (“Galt Trip”) and went looking for the wackiest, most completely out-there profiles we could find, and boy, were we ever surprised to find out that…Objectivists trying to attract a romantic partner are INCREDIBLY BORING.We can practically hear the English majors weeping from here.I seldom write about political matters anymore on DM because there’s an assumption that if you hate Republicans then you must automatically be a Democrat and I got tired of offering the disclaimer that the only reason I would ever vote for a Democrat is to keep the Republican out of office.though you can also sing her name to the tune of a great old Glenn Miller song).She reports that because she is sensitive to other people, she sometimes feels a little bad for people “who believe in the socialist state, when I destroy them in argument” and admits that in college she did her best to try to understand other views besides Objectivism, which is the only true way to see the world: I graduated from UCLA in 2010 with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Race and Ethnic Studies.

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Stephen makes Jon Stewart the new head of his Super Pac, which is renamed "The definitely not coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC", announces that he is forming an exploratory committee to run for President of the "United States of South Carolina" and talks to Mike D about a crossword clue provided by Will Shortz.

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  1. The only uses I see for these pictures aren’t seen on select channels and only air after 11 p.m. She also tweets and instagrams things like this: Really? Posts like these make me think they belong on this list. My friend’s mother created a fun alternate email and chose the username “Surfing Mama Luv”. It would be better if she just put up a nice wallpaper of puppies because really who can hate on puppies?