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SIDMA College (formerly known as ), a private higher learning institution, first established in Sarawak in 1998, and later extended its operation to Sabah in 2002.

Under the leadership of its charismatic Founder and Chairman, Dr Morni Hj Kambrie, and his team of Managers and trusted Board of Directors, it has been appointed as UNITAR Sabah Regional Centre for Sarawak (since 1998), and later in Sabah (in 2003).

Rasa macam malas la nak makan steak yang ada tulang.

Tetiba ni pulak dah tingin nak makan steak Menate pulak. Usually kalau datang Menate, I tak ambik part T-Bone.

Menyinggah dulu di Village Grocer, wah.tahan tengok all vegetables yang segar-segar dan juga buah-buahan.

Sebelum ni kemain avoid makan nasik, well biasa la poyo.

Si Sazli bawak Shein keluar kejap pergi kedai sebelah beli umpan suruh dia diam. Kena senyum je kalau ada eye contact dengan sesapa. Dalam IG/FB/Blog tulis yang elok-elok jangan marah-marah. Itu yang I komplen pasal ketiak orang meja sebelah busuk dalam FB pon Manager I marah.

Harini datang Menate I memang tak pakai mekap langsung. Rasa macam impressed tengok anak-anak yang nampak macam rapat usianya tapi duduk behave makan sambil layan i Pad. Lepas order makan, masa Shein dengan Sazli lalu, yang emak tu tegur Shein. I punya Manager pesan, kalau jalan mana-mana muka jangan ketat, nanti orang charge sombong sebab usually kalau I rush and lapar muka I macam singa. Ada sekali ni, I terserempak dengan readers, lepas tu Sazli cakap I nampak eksyen.

Opening hours are from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm and potential students are advised to bring along their relevant documents such as their SPM and STPM result slips for evaluation, consultation and registration. During the registration exercise, SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah personnel will be there to assist, guide and enable these potential students to gain better insight into their tertiary education route in determining, considering and deciding on the level of education that they want to pursue either on Foundation Course, Diploma Programme, or Bachelor’s Degree Programmes; as well as the field of studies that suits their interest and passion; thus enabling them to prepare for their future career that they dreamt of.

Potential students can also enquire on the financial assistance available at the college.

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