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Online communication has become an integral part of most of our lives, and yet many people continue to view those they meet on the Internet with suspicion.

They imagine that online forums are filled with sexual predators and people using false identities. Online interactions vary in terms of two major questions: (1) What venues are we using to communicate, and, (2) What are we lying about?

In the TIME mobility poll, 32% of all respondents said they’d rather communicate by text than phone, even with people they know very well.

This is truer still in the workplace, where communication is between colleagues who are often not friends at all.

This perception is fueled by sensationalistic cases like the Craigslist Killer and the false identities created by subjects on MTV’s . To address the first issue, there are many ways to meet people online—dating sites, chat rooms or forums, or social networking sites.

These venues differ in terms of users' intentions and opportunity for deception.

I get to say exactly what I want exactly when I want to say it. Americans ages 18-29 send and receive an average of nearly 88 text messages per day, compared to 17 phone calls.

The problem, of course, is what’s lost when that chit-chat goes.I read a ton of advice on internet that says, “Never contact women on Facebook! (and you also don’t want to be the guy who causes trouble in her relationship) The world is full of beautiful and interesting women, pick one that isn’t in a relationship. Trying to win over a woman who is taken is pointless.The second issue—what individuals are most likely to lie about—can be divided into several categories, including physical appearance, education, relationship or job status, and issues related to personality traits and interests.When we might be especially honest Surprisingly, people can sometimes be more authentic online than offline in the way they express their personality.

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