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” The good news is that this is a pretty popular region for good reason — just look at the number of sex toys specifically designed for that area — and if you don’t know how to bring it up, there are quite a few sources.For example, Cosmopolitan magazine regularly features guides on how to “blow his mind with the male g-spot.” Feel free to Google it if you don’t believe me.If I had to guess, I would say you’re ashamed because accessing your prostate involves some invasive action in an area that most men regard as an exit.Many people mistakenly believe that if a man enjoys any aspect of anal penetration, then he must be gay.The internet demonstrates that it is a medium where the highest risk populations (Namely, young gay males and other troubled youths) frequently communicate.Other studies have indicated great success with the approach of peer-to-peer communication (4).

However, little is known about how participants in chat room-based prevention interventions differ from their online non-participating peers.Compared with participants, non-participants were more likely to report: spending higher mean number of hours in online chat rooms; using condoms inconsistently during anal intercourse with a man met online during the past 3 months; having had an sexually transmitted disease; being HIV seropositive; using methamphetamines during the past 30 days and using drugs to enhance sexual satisfaction during the past 30 days.Although risk among MSM who use chat rooms remains high, those at greater risk may be those who are less likely to engage in online HIV prevention interventions.Because of the increased use of chat rooms and the evidence that online men are at increased risk for HIV exposure, infection and reinfection through their sexual risk behaviors [4–14], HIV prevention outreach interventions have been proposed and are being implemented to target men in MSM-oriented chat rooms [3, 15–17].Online men have been identified as being at increased risk for HIV but difficult for researchers to access through traditional approaches, including individuals who have chosen to engage in unprotected sex (e.g.

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