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Humalakhak---shucks may tagalog is getting better na!

I spent a lot of time this go-around writing the best songs that I could. I don't what is wrong with Tori that she actually married the bad boy. It's a cropped shirt, mas mahaba sa midriff pero mas maikli sa usual shirt ng mga turtles na desperate. Like duh, talamak kaya yung mga turtles sa paligid. Tumayo lang ako sa harap niya bago ko inadjust yung shirt ko. Even though hindi ako kasing tangad nila Tori and Leria, atleast nagwowork pa rin yung ganda ng legs ko. I named this blog the Adventures of an Ace for a reason. The following story will be made up of several posts.My goal from the start had been to write about poker, sports, travel, and life experiences. The story is not related to poker even though the title might suggest otherwise. Just for fun, I'll refer to Ace in the third person.

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We know it’s not easy, especially at a certain age but to be honest, I hear my friends in their 30s saying: "Where the heck can I meet him when I’m surrounded by smug married couples? This is where the Kingdom of Hearts comes in handy.

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