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Despite the moderately bad ballistics of a .30/30, these rifles had the ability to shoot cowboys from several miles (a 4000% increase in range) away, and improved a shooter's accuracy by about 600%.The Winchester Model 1894 is a lever-action hunting rifle chambered in .30-30 Win. A.™ Trigger System, improved fit and finish and enhanced accuracy to go along with its classic Pre-’64 controlled round feeding. The 2:1 mechanical advantage created by the trigger design’s unique geometry is how creep has been virtually eliminated in the new Model 70 M. If you pull the bolt back slowly, the empty case doesn't fly anywhere, so you can catch it in your hand and the case is not damaged as it hits the ground. Trigger helps the model 70 deliver the extreme accuracy benchmark 1" group at 100 yards. This contributes to jerking the trigger and thus adds to the movement of the firearm during firing. A blade-type ejector gives you full control when ejecting a fired case.The 20″ barrel is ported to help with recoil and the stock has a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad added to help cushion the shoulder. The hammer is drilled and tapped to allow for the installation of an included hammer spur extension if a scope is added to the gun.The receiver is drilled and tapped so you can easily add one.

The pull weight ranges from 3 to 5 pounds and is factory-set at 3 3/4 pounds. Creep is the perceptible movement of the trigger prior to the release of the firing pin or striker. Overtravel is the rearward movement of the trigger after the firing pin or striker has been released. When the safety is in the intermediate or middle position, the action can still be operated, allowing unfired cartridges to be cycled with the safety on.they chose stamped sheet metal and roll pins for parts previously machined from solid steel.Most of the shortcomings of the post 1963 Model 94s were eventually corrected, but the pre '64 versions remain the most desirable of all Winchester Model 94s.The post-64 Winchester model 94 begin with serial number 2,700,000.Additionally, competition from other manufacturers like Marlin with their model 336, lever action, Winchester changed over from a top eject to an angle eject.

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Winchester Repeating Arms announced the company was now selling a Model 94 Short Rifle chambered for the 450 Marlin cartridge.

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