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Out: Some people are going to see you on Warehouse 13 and say, 'There's that guy from X-Men.' How do you and [your twin brother] Shawn deal with being mixed up?

Aaron Ashmore: There's nothing you can do about it, really.

Aaron Ashmore is a Canadian actor, best known for portraying Jimmy Olsen in the American television series "Smallville," and as Steve Jinks in the science fiction series "Warehouse 13." He is the native of Richmond, British Columbia born on October 7, 1979.

He is the identical twin brother of actor Shawn Ashmore.

I still want to win an Oscar but kids, I don't know.

Aaron Richard Ashmore is a Canadian film and television actor, perhaps best known for his roles in American TV shows, as Jimmy Olsen in Smallville and as Steve Jinks in Warehouse 13.

He completed his schooling from Earnscliffe Senior Public School.

He is son of homemaker Linda manufacturing signs miss sweet corn pageant meets three meteor-infected vixens who plan.

we figured that it was time we get up and actually do something about it.

By creating not only would we be able to spread the most up to date news but we'd also be able to promote Aaron and his upcoming projects.

We say, 'Nope, that's my brother.' And sometimes people don't believe you, but it's all in good fun.

Uh oh, we made a casting mistake' Aaron, can you tell us a little bit about your character Steve, who joins the show this season?

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I think it’s just a question of if it fits with the storyline, the theme of the show.

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