Dating brass dial clock

During the early part of the 18th century arches were used to accomodate even more features such as moonphase, strike/silent and regulation.

As the 18th century progressed the brass dial became larger in some areas and lost features such as half hour markings to the chapter ring, ringed winding holes and the hands became plainer and larger in design.

The demand for 'golden age' English clocks has been on something of a high for several years.

As styles changed and more features were introduced the dials became larger from the earlier 10" dial to the 12" dial.

These cases were very slender in design, made principally of oak or pine and veneered in fruitwood which was then ebonised to create a black polished finish.

13" Brass Tidal Dial with Rolling Moon Phases and Rare" Moon Sets At Night " " Moon Rises At Night " at top of dial. Sublime Figured Mahogany Case with full length Trunk Door.

It was one of only a few architectural longcases by Fromanteel to survive.

One important distinction is the duration of the movement.

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