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Language and sexual content are extremely light, but there is violence in the form of brawling between contestants that produces a little blood.

You'll also see social drinking -- and lots of stereotyping.

In addition, there's gender stereotyping when it comes to the idea of what a "Southern belle" and "Southern gentleman" should be -- particularly that, for belles, "finding a man and getting married is the dream" and that "it's not very ladylike to ask a boy out on a date." The bachelorette seems genuine in her search for a good, honest match and appears to make thoughtful decisions based on more than just looks.

When a suitor doesn't measure up to her standards, she gives him the boot.

He figures Sweet Home Alabama will only give him more exposure and perhaps a girlfriend along the way.

If reality television doesn’t work, there is always Katy Perry (fast forward to , Kiefer is wearing a shark fin on his back chasing a female across the screen).

Like the best of reality shows, audiences fell in love with many cast members over the last few seasons, many of whom will be back for "Southern Nights" later this month."The Real Housewives" franchise is the reality TV equivalent of "Law & Order." At this moment, there are six different versions of "The Real Housewives" airing on Bravo throughout the year, along with two international spinoffs and two former series that ended after one season.

As the name suggests, "The Real Housewives" follows rich and powerful women from Orange County to Miami as they experience what some have called "First World Problems."The women of "The Real Housewives" may be closer to the 1% than the rest of us, the but the backstabbing, gossiping and snipping are universal.

Parents need to know that this CMT series plays a lot cleaner than other reality dating shows, thanks in part to the show's focus on "Southern" morality." /The emphasis is on finding lasting love, but the format hardly gives the bachelorette enough time to really know her suitors.The show also furthers some negative stereotypes about Southerners (and "city boys" alike).Viewers can catch "Southern Nights" Saturday nights at 10pm, followed by "Texas Women."Although "Southern Nights" has yet to premiere, we've caught an advance look at the first episode and it lives up to its tagline: “It's Real, It's Raw & It's Rowdy." In honor of CMT's "Southern Nights," we've assembled a list of the 5 Rowdiest Reality Shows on TV.And chances are good that you're already watching all of them.

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