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Hutschenreuther company, still keeping its speed dating vocabulary workforce at a constant number of 1,200 employees.Through AE (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination) 1905 AF through AU (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination) 1906 AV through AZ then BA through BL (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter combination) 1907 BM through CC (1-100 numbered pieces for each letter.Ruth Gurvich Michael Tummings Regis Mathieu Ted Muehling.Each piece is fired at least mraks if not three, four or five times at different temperatures.

Enumerated below in chronological order are the marks used to identify Meissen Porcelain® through the ages, suffixed by the rights enjoyed by Meissen® to these titles.

This Unusual Inscription Probably Marks this Piece out as a Vessel Used in a Song Dynasty Restaurant. A Rare Jiexiu Ware Inscribed Porcelain Bowl from the Jiexiu Kilns in Shanxi Province. The Decoration is Constructed of Raised Lines and Includes Two Inscribed Tablets with Lotus Leaf Tops. Other Panels Show pairs of Duck, Phoenix and Flowers.

Published : Chinese Ceramics in the Carl Kempe Collection (Bo Gyllensvard, Almqvist & Wiksell, 1964) Page 137 Plate 433. See our ‘Archive’ or ‘Sold’ for more information, stock number 20375.

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