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For comparison of the Song of Songs with ancient Egyptian loves songs, see M. Fox, The Song of Songs and the Ancient Egyptian Love Songs, and J. White, Language of Love in the Song of Songs and Ancient Egyptian Poetry (SBLDS). Murphy (Song of Songs [Hermeneia], 119) notes that the use of the independent relative pronoun also occurs frequently in Ecclesiastes which is traditionally attributed to Solomon.

The superscription “Solomon’s Most Excellent Love Song” appears to be a late addition, just as many superscriptions in the Psalter appear to have been added to the psalms sometime after their original composition. Therefore, it would appear that the superscription is a later addition to the Song.

Qatarul a ajuns astfel să se laude cu cel mai mare Produs Intern Brut pe locuintor din lume, după Liechtenstein.

Earlier this month the US President said Qatar had a history of “funding terrorism at a very high level”.

But officials in Doha rejected the ultimatum and said they won’t sit down to negotiate an end to the crisis while the siege conditions remain in place.

Mr Erdogan has backed Qatar’s stance and said calls for Turkish troops to withdraw from the country were “disrespectful” on Sunday.

Since the Song of Songs appears to be a collection of individual love songs, the individual love poems within the collection might not have originally referred to the same young man and young woman in each case.

Just as the Book of Proverbs contains proverbs composed by Solomon (10:1-; 25:1-) as well as proverbs composed by other wise men (-; 30:1-31:9), so the Song of Songs may contain love poems composed by Solomon or written about Solomon as well as love poems composed by or written about other young couples in love.

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