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In such a case I love to do format my system and remove the existing antivirus and later update the most trusted antivirus programs, I am not saying the Mc Afee in bad But this is the great way. Today I clicked security report (windows 8.1) Security Center version is 14 R10, Anti Virus version 19.0.161. Let it go through the full computer scan and then see if the problem disappears.I've had Windows Defender in Windows 10 do that constantly scanning thing and the vast majority of the time, it is doing that because it has detected something and wants to remove/quarantine it.Thanks in advance If you uninstalled and totally reinstalled Mc Afee, it is unlikely that some virus has infested it (they usually do not want you to uninstall, reinstall, whatever antivirus software).It sounds more like it is detecting something on your machine, benign or not.

From the shop, I have gotten the Mcafee antivirus CD with a product key for 15 months subscriptrion.With the automatic update feature of BT Virus Protect you get the best protection against the latest security threats.Sometimes, automatic updates might get disrupted: for example, due to the temporary loss of your internet connection or problems with your firewall.I didn't find much of this problem when I looked it up, but someone did say that it is possible that a virus has attached itself to my mcafee. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and that didn't help.If this continues I will remove mcafee and get some free software.

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This Microsoft hotfix will protect against installation of incompatible Mc Afee product versions; however, this hotfix cannot protect against upgrades to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update from nodes already running an incompatible Mc Afee product version on a previous build of Windows.

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