Dating a paranoid schizophrenic

He says, he doesn’t see us together anymore, but he doesn’t want to explain anything yet.

I think she wants to marry him no matter what; she trusts that he's "working on his anger problem." The ball is in his court as to whether or not he wants to go through with this. It's hard to deal with sz within the family but of course it's possible. My mom has been schizophrenic longer than my parents have been married. Her onset began with a "nervous breakdown" in her late 20's, a very stressful time in her life.

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I haven't found a way to be during this, I can't disconnect, I can't argue back, I can't leave... I also don't need to be told to just leave him or that I'm a good person for putting up with it.

I just want specific advice on behaviors that will help me cope with the height of the mental illness.

The guy I'm seeing is "normal" 80% of the time, but when stressed or if lack of sleep or poor nutrition is introduced it can set off an episode of what _I_ (not a psychiatrist) would label "mild paranoid schizophrenia".

He has some control over the onset of this, but once he's set off he is out of control and does not know that it is happening until he "comes down" hours later and realizes that the whole world isn't a threat.

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