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Let’s leave psychological reasons why women look for multiple contacts behind for now and focus on tips how to make your poly couple work.

Most people tend to estimate things in the way they’ve been taught by their older relatives or teachers.

The outing failed to produce fireworks between the women, but the Date Lab write-up did prompt scathing online comments.

Total strangers berated the poly dater for broadcasting her lifestyle.

And as every field report has noted, Adam and Kelsie simply have this energy and lovingness that they can just give and give and give, and it’s so nourishing to be around.

Taken together, those factors create a clear picture: This relationship is growing, and fast. Take a look at this chart tracking Adam and Kelsie’s rapidly expanding dating lives: The data is pretty undeniable.

There's a lot of misinformation about polyamory that exists today.

Here are five questions poly people are sick of hearing. Most poly people in general take the stance that their partner loving or being with someone else does not diminish from their own relationships.

We understand that some people have the capacity to feel strongly about or be interested in multiple people without diminishing the way we feel about any individual in particular.

Today, though, experts are warning that at its current rate of growth, their polyamorous relationship could expand to cover all of Seattle by 2021. Adam and Kelsie first came to the attention of University of Washington researchers last year, when it was discovered that their dating network already extended through almost the entirety of Seattle’s circus arts community, and was rapidly encompassing its live lit scene.

It soon became clear that between their book groups, Catan tournaments, Kelsie’s aerial silk classes, kink meet-ups, burner parties, and Adam’s job at Microsoft, the couple’s vectors for expansion were virtually limitless.

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