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Any contact with the person becomes as potent as a drug addiction.

Friendship becomes emotional sex when the feel-good brain chemicals and hormones that are released when even thinking about that person take over.

I made a fake profile and used a fake picture so I could look at the guys without the aggravation of seeing 15 Hey beautifuls every day . In all the time I've been there, all women are, nurses and working in Africa.

You become friends with the sexy co-worker and decide to carpool to work together. You're married, or engaged, or you're in a committed relationship. All those tingly feelings and the fantasies that perhaps a "perfect love" can really exist isn't destiny knocking -- they're caused by "love chemicals" in your brain.Free, quality experiences can be had within minutes of signing up.Join chatrooms, create your profile, and see who's out there.You become "friends" with an ex on Facebook and reminisce about the past. You spend hours thinking about them and your heart races whenever you see a text from them. You tell yourself it's ok because you're not really cheating, you're just chatting. Biochemical research has shown that the effect of these love chemicals is twofold: they are released in response to your friend, and they bond you to him or her.Pretty soon, you find yourself glowing every time you spend time with this person. This is especially true of women who produce higher levels of oxytocin -- the bonding hormone that enhances the feeling of having found your "soul mate" connection.

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