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The project database is presented in two views: the map geolocating key players in open innovation (startups, developers, experts, clusters, public/private research laboratories etc.) and the catalog including detailed information about each mapped player.

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In the Career survey, 34% of managers who used these sites in the screening process reported dropping candidates from consideration based on the content found.

Most concerning for these hiring managers were candidates posting information about alcohol or drug use, followed closely by posting of inappropriate photographs or information.

Groups of computer coders, hard-ware coders, soft-ware coders, tinkerers, gamers and more come together to learn, play, and work. I’m not a computer tinkerer myself, I understand how to use one for what I need it to do, but those that attend this event understand the ins-and-outs of modern technology, and can make it do some great things.

One hacker put together a 3D LED cube that he could control using a roller ball.

While you wait for the support of Active Sync on the i Phone (and wonder why you still are not using Microsoft Exchange...), I would recommend you take a look at this post about using Funambol and the i Pod Touch, having a PC with Fedora and Evolution (good choice, tough but good).

Note: if you do not use Fedora and Evolution, but Windows with Outlook, you can skip pretty much everything and just install the Funambol client from the Installer on your i Pod Touch (under Productivity) and the Funambol Outlook Plugin.

Ad Brite Addictive Tech Corp Ad Media Adperio Ads4Dough Adsimilis Ad Supply, Inc.He had brought all the materials with him, soldered it all together, and then built some software on the day.Another used his phone network to give a light instructions as to which colour to shine.However, there is data available from other fields.In the business world, employers are increasingly using social networking sites to learn more about potential hires: How did the information discovered affect hiring decisions?

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