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Finding love and dating in Saudi Arabia is not as difficult as many expats think.

Yes, it is quite unnerving moving to one of the most conservative countries in the world.

Many people have asked me what it’s like being an American woman married to an Arab man.

Some even ‘warned’ me before making the decision to get married.

At one point nothing but a small fishing village, the destiny of Kochi changed in 1341, with the flooding of the Periyar River, which rendered the then popular Kodungallur ineffective.

Among many repercussions of this event was the creation of a natural harbour at Kochi.

First of all, dating in Saudi Arabia is nothing like in the west. This is how they are raised to think, and this is what you must respect.

In addition to spices, the voyagers also coveted the fine ivory, sandalwood, perfumes and gold that came to this market town.

Yes, it is a little odd being arrested for just walking next to someone of the opposite sex.

But there is a hidden subculture that easily allows you to date and enjoy your time with a special someone in the kingdom.

He’s actually more Westernized than many ‘city’ Arabs I know.

His English is perfect, he’s been to America and fully understands our mentality, culture, and politics.

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  1. No hard sell, just a nice guy and a bunch of bikes that riders rave about. Being more a downhill type of chap and stepping away from racing for the first time in a few years, I wanted something that would tick all the boxes of the elusive ‘do it all’ bike.