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Earlier this week, Cyndi made her first public appearance since the breakup at the 2017 Hito Music Awards rehearsals, where she shared that she was not ready for a new relationship and that she still “needs time to heal” from her previous one.However, it seems that some Taiwanese outlets didn’t get the memo as they alleged that Cyndi had moved on and was now dating Derek Peng, the son of United China Air Freight’s founder.

Mind you, this is personal taste only, so what I love may leave you cold.

In August, she backed down when Sonia and Yao Yuan-Hao got back together. ” She then added, “I knew that they wanted to get back together in August of last year, so I told myself that I must pull my heart back.” Cyndi explained that Yao Yuan-Hao told her that he broke up with Sonia in February. She admitted going to Yao Yuan-Hao’s home, “The photo with the plate was from May of last year.

So I’ve been asked more than once to make a list of my favorites, usually on Twitter, and it’s impossible to recommend any reputable list in 140 characters or list.

If that’s not enough, the chemistry between So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin is incredible. This drama isn’t as well-known as some, so you might find it on some “most underrated” drama lists. This drama is a little uneven and TBH I watched it because of Cha Seung Won & Gong Hyo Jin. The heroine’s character bothered me a little, but the romance carried the day in the end. In fiction I’ve always loved the heroine in man-drag trope, which this drama has in spades.

The beginning is a little odd and goofy, but if you stick with it, Kim Sun-ah & Cha Seung Won deliver the most heartwrenching forbidden romance, and their kisses, OMG, the sizzle. The tension is amazing as the hero tries to figure out why he has all these unsettling feeling for a kid he wants desperately to regard as a younger brother.

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