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As with most medicine, it comes with side effects, but when they are sung by Boyz II Men (“dizziness, nausea, sweaty eyelids, and in severe cases chronic flatulence — you'll be so gassy, girl") they actually make her smile.A voiceover says, "If you’re Boyz II Men, you can make anything sound good. If you want to save 15% or more, you switch to Geico.

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Geico's latest ad in its "It's What You Do" campaign features Boyz II Men doing what they do -- making everything sound good.

They pop up in a pharmacy, putting into song a list of embarrassing side effects from a customer's medication, and making even words like "flatulence" sound sexy.

For its newest commercial, Geico is banking on a little late-'80s nostalgia.

The car insurance company enlisted Salt-N-Pepa to make the act's signature hit, 1988's "Push It," brilliantly promote affordable auto coverage.

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