Itunes song play count not updating

Note: Wondershare Tunes Go supports all i Phone models running in i OS 10, i OS 9, i OS 8, i OS 7, i OS 5 and i OS 6.I noticed recently that the song counts in i Tunes weren't increasing (despite me listening to them quite a bit on my i Phone).We created this tutorial to give you step-by-step directions to easily recover your ratings, playcounts and other metadata back to your i Tunes music library from your i Pod or i Phone."Version 4.1.7"}" data-app-version-id="109" data-container="body" data-html="true" data-toggle="popover" data-trigger="hover" data-placement="top" data-content="i Explorer (PC) - 4.1.7Requires Windows 7, 8, 10 or later and i Tunes" href="/iexplorer/download/pc/complete/4.1.7"Requires mac OS 10.10 or later and i Tunes" class=dropdown-item data-app-version-id=108 data-toggle=tooltip data-placement=top data-container=body data-html=true href="/iexplorer/download/mac/complete/4.1.2" To copy ratings and playcounts from your device to i Tunes, first open i Explorer on your Mac or PC.If you have a configuration or use case that is not covered in this guide, please post a message to our Google Community support forum."i Phone does not sync play counts and ratings back to i Tunes while I use a third-party tool to transfer music from i Phone to i Tunes.

This always gave me fresh music in my playlists, i Tunes would remove tracks I played the day before.If I wirelessly sync, and then sync with a USB cord, the song count won't update, but if I only sync using a USB cord, the song count increments. Or is this only happening to me (may have a corrupt file somewhere)?This makes me think that the phone Is there any planned correction of this issue (I couldn't find anything)? To get started transferring music, click Music in the middle panel.You can also access your music by clicking Media Library through the sidebar on the left.

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This is a help page on double Twist Sync's "reverse sync" functionality, which enables changes made to playlists on your Android device to be pushed back to your computer and i Tunes.

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