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Twelve lives...twelve hearts...answering questions about themselves, revealing their true feelings, discovering mysteries and secrets about their lives and their family... Your dream is my dream and I will do my very best to achieve it *Super Generation Series* This fanfic revolves around three beautiful ladies that are bound to marry a man they don't actually know and they haven't met before..Watch how they handle everything and how love bloomed Hwang Tiffany, a pretty and hard-working girl. All she wanted to do was to work by her own ability, not by her parents help.This is a small collection of one-shots and all couples will be with Tiffany hehe, though it's well-known that's she's dating Nichkhun I really love all of the other couples. Tiffany and Donghae used to be the best of friends since childhood, they treat each other as siblings until one day... He knew what she will react if he say it but Donghae had enough, that time he really wanted to tell the whole world that he loves Tiffany with all his heart. Then, one day, you sat down alone Tears fall, one by one. ========================================================================== The view in front of me is beautiful.12 years together as friends and it's not impossible for the both of them to fall in love. But no matter how beautiful it could be, this heart never seemed to stop for a second to feel light for once.

Los espacios cerrados son liberados por el océano y los cielos abiertos, restaurando así la sensación de bienestar.

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There were information revealed that this two were just "church buddies" who are "sunbae and hoobae" that went to the "same school" together.

School sweethearts that caught each others eye by love at first sight, truly one woman and man's dream.

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