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I asked, "What are you doing, taking this picture of me?" And he said, "Well, you wore that." It really hurt my feelings.He finished first and probably still cannot believe I did not read his until I finished mine. When I left, we had agreed that he would come back to California about two-and-a-half weeks later.And there was good golf, and he began to meet my friends and to play golf with them. The new photobook, Rick Owens: Furniture, gives us a look at the aspirational partnership between designers Rick Owens and Michele Lamy. Here’s 6 films with female directors or female protagonists that you should def go out and see :) By Kristen Cochrane. Do your dinner parties and/or Bumble dates need a healthy injection of sex, death and psychoanalysis? Don’t worry—here’s a guide to using Roland Barthes’ famous book, A Lover’s Discourse, as literary electroshock therapy for your love life. Here, we discuss why pink is powerful, why there’s no such thing as ‘low culture,’ and general meme enlightenment. Here at Slutever, we die for unconventional relationship dynamics. The Tribeca Film Festival in NYC starts this Wednesday, April 19th! Feeling like a tragic loser, waiting for sexts that never come? Kristen Cochrane—aka Instagram’s @ripannanicolesmith—has become Insta-famous for making feminist memes that star Paris Hilton. I was taught by strangers that I should be less sexy and dress differently. I used to feel really upset when I read nasty comments. I’m not mad at you if you want to call me a ho — I’m mad at your mom and dad, I’m mad at your educators, I’m mad at your society that you think that that’s OK.If it makes me feel good to take a cute picture of myself, if I feel good that I have cleavage, if I like my shirt, I’m going to do what I want to do, because it’s natural to me.

And ole boy from church said he saw her with the preacher 40 miles from here in a bar drinkin beer. Heard her and the town Judge been at it for a year. (And if you don’t live in NYC, this is still a great list of must-sees by pioneering feminist filmmakers.) By Kristen Cochrane. Are you suffering through a Valentine’s Day hangover? Now I know I been drinkin but im thinkin kinda clear. I see no big difference between sports and underwear because if you’re just posing for guys and you have a great body why not? I was told that naked girls the best part of summer.My girlfriend posts half naked pictures of herself on the internet? Where would one post pics of herself in a tiny bikini?

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Is it normal to find half naked teens more attractive?

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