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She’s decided to have the package letter-pressed, so she’s taking meetings with printers before driving (yes, driving) all the way home to Nashville.“I don’t know many people who take the album more seriously as a piece of art than we do,” she adds. by a husband-wife comedy-and-music team, and met Dave Rawlings, her musical soulmate, at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.And so I kind of feel like for me, the [Dave Rawlings] Machine record and the Machine tour…was a little like getting my yaya’s out.” “The Harrow & The Harvest” joins four LP’s as well as the soundtrack for the Cohen Brothers’ film ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou? But this first duet recording in a decade from the pair stands out as some of the best of what Welch and Rawlings have to offer: tight harmonies, haunting lyrics and effortless melodies.

They would take breaks and walk around the neighborhood at two and three in the morning, the only figures abroad.

Their 1996 debut, Revival, and the 2001 release Time (The Revelator), received nominations for the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album.

Their 2003 album, Soul Journey, introduced electric guitar, drums and a more upbeat sound to their body of work.

So the fact that most of the songs date from the past year, and in fact, quite a few are from the past three or four months — it’s cool as far as we’re concerned. You know, I still trust if we don’t like them, other people won’t care for them much. There wasn’t really a body of work that felt like a record.

: Definitely they date from recent history which was one of my concerns with taking this long. I really didn’t want the songs to be cherry picked from, you know, one song from 2004, one song from 2005. We can usually tell when the songs start appearing that are the record.

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