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It’s important to understand that the legal name change must take place before you update the green card.

21 Children: If the child has turned 21 and no separate visa petition was filed for him/her, you (U. citizen petitioner) need to file a new, separate visa petition if you are the child's natural parent or legal stepparent.

State laws ultimately regulate names changes so the rules do vary by state.

But adopting a new name is not limited by marriage, divorce, etc.

Others may just decide to adopt a more Western style name after immigrating to the United States.

Whatever your reason, a green card name change is a relatively simple matter.

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Children (unmarried, below 21) can immigrate along with the parent, if the parent's petition was filed by their permanent resident spouse. In other words, children were eligible to immigrate as derivative beneficiaries when the petitioning spouse was a permanent resident, but once the petitioning spouse becomes a U. citizen, they lost their derivative beneficiary status. Marriage: If any child gets married and the petitioner becomes a U. citizen, as long as the petitioner is the child's natural parent or legal stepparent, it is possible to file a petition in F3 category.

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