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After leaving, she confirmed her suspicions by falsely alerting Barry there was a gunman on her train, which led him to superspeed to her side, proving once and for all she was right.

In the end, she still ended up leaving the show, but as it turns out we may have not seen the last of her after all.

The same year, she was also cast as the series regular on the CW TV drama series known as One Tree Hill in the seventh season of the show.

She played the character of the photographer Quinn James and on screen sibling to Bethany Joy Lenz’s character.

Deadline has reported that the current season of Shooter will end with episode 8, instead of the originally planned 10 episodes. was in the midst of filming the ninth episode of its 10-episode second season.

Series star, Ryan Phillippe, suffered off-set injury and broke his leg last July 16th. While production went on for a bit without Phillippe, it has since been shut down.

Sources said that there is a natural story point in episode 208 that works as a season finale, and, while this was not the original plan, the producers, network and studio are happy with the way the Season 2 story would wrap. Now, as an early Christmas gift for SHOOTER fans, usa network has announced a season two pick-up of the action series starring Ryan Phillippe and Omar Epps.

This site aims to become your ultimate online resource for all things featuring the talented Shantel Van Santen.

She is the native of Luverne, Minnesota, United States. There, she went to study at the Incarnate Word Academy which is an all-girls college preparatory school that is located in Houston.

After that, she got enrolled at the Texas Christian University located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Strange, inexplicable phenomena start happening with frequency, so he teams with an eccentric lighthouse keeper -- who is also the local paranormal authority -- to deal with the strange calls that come into the lighthouse station.

Cast: Team: W/EP Donick Cary ( Logline: Centers on an overworked father (Paul F.

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Cast: Cristela Alonzo, Terri Hoyos, Roxana Ortega, Carlos Ponce, Andrew Leeds, Sarah Halford (recurring) Team: W/EP Cristela Alonzo, Kevin Hench, EP Marty Adelstein, Shawn Levy, Becky Clements; D John Pasquin Studio: 20th Century Fox Television Format: Multicamera Location: Logline: A comedy about the sexual politics that have changed between men and women in the post-feminist era.

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