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You should just be able to uninstall Final A and then install v2.0.

It's NEVER a good idea to uninstall a mod mid-playthrough and then continue playing on that same save.

So again the second example would be better rendered as Well, we have Alexander Griekspoor’s comment earlier that Elsevier are including the DOI in their PDFs.

I don’t know how consistently this is being done but I’ve checked a couple sample articles and it would seem that they have embedded the DOI (here from Kudos anyway to Elsevier for emebedding this piece of information in their PDFs (if indeed it is a general practice).

You can also determine whether you've looked at all properties by testing the end property.

BUT, I always recommend keeping a save with the previous version of RDO installed just to be safe.By creating an alias field named ALLDATES and associating it with all various date fields from a concatenated database set, users can search all date fields without having to modify date field names in each database.You can also create a field group for data fields in a non-concatenated database.I’ll discuss a couple cases found in the wild but invite comment as to others’ practices.Let me start though with the CNRI handle plugin demo for Acrobat which I blogged here.

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The four-character code associated with the current file's filetype.

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