Wmp12 constantly updating media library

The following media files are supported:• DOLBY DIGITAL – Up to 5.1 (pass-through only)• DOLBY DIGITAL – Up to 7.1 (pass-through only)• DOLBY TRUE HD – Up to 7.1 (pass-through only)• DTS 5.1 – Surround format (pass-through only)• DTS HD – Higher sampling freq.

(pass-through only)• MP3 – Common audio format• MPEG1 – Used in broadcast• MPEG4 LC AAC 5.1 – Base AAC format• MPEG4 HE AAC 5.1 – Advanced version• WMA9 2.0 – Microsoft codec 2ch.• WMAPro 5.1 – HD & multichannel• PCM – Uncompressed audio• OGG VORBIS – audio format• ALAC – Apple losseless codec• FLAC – Free losseless codec• MPC – Codec from Musepack The following photo files are supported:• JPEG• GIF• TIFF• PNG• BMP The following video codecs are supported:• MPEG-1 – Broadcast format• MPEG-2 – Broadcast format• MPEG-4.10 – Aka H264• MPEG-4.2 – Version for low bitrate• "DIVX4 – 5 – 6" – Codec based on MPEG4.2• XVID – Codec based on MPEG4.2• MJPEG – Motion JPEG• WMV9 – "Micorsoft codec – aka VC-1" Does this mean I can plug in my USB drive with AVI files and it will play via the T-Box? If not, I'll continue to plug in my blu-ray player and use that instead.

Im trying to use my external hard drive as the USB drive.

-I have formatted the drive and tried in booth NTFS and ex FAT...

Although a small icon in Taskbar is not a major problem but sometimes people find it annoying to have an extra process running in background and consuming system resources for no good reason.

By default, the application comes loaded with a few codecs to render media formats such as AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV for video, and WMA, MP3 or WAV for audio.

However, for plenty of other formats (OGG, FLAC, MKV, FLV), you’re going to need to install the necessary codecs.

I have tried to hit F11 in the menu, but it doesn't work, it does what I said above.

When I turn the laptop on, I get the HP logo, at which point I can press ESC and get the following Menu: F1)System Information F2)System Diagnostics F9)Boot Device Options F10)BIOS Setup F11)System recovery If I dont press esc to access this menu, then the computer just sits with a blinking line in the top left.

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Because of the antitrust ruling against Microsoft, the company is now forced to ship the operating system without Windows Media Player in some countries.

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