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They may have even been called “tomboys” growing up.The differences between these women and more traditionally feminine ones may be that more masculine women had more testosterone exposure in the womb, which shaped their developing brain.He met a young Chinese woman, Sandy, and quickly learned that the submissive stereotype did not apply to her."At the end of his 10-year search, he found Sandy, from Anhui, China, who was half his age," Debbie Lum, the director of "Seeking Asian Female," wrote in a 2013 piece for The Huffington Post."After moving to America on the K-1 fiancée visa, her youthful, innocent exterior gave way.

American men can’t seem to get enough of their exotic, cute, and sweet image.

We’ve all met women who seem a little different than their fellow females.

They may look a little more masculine, and act more like men in their attitudes.

However, American’s love of Chinese women may lead them into dealing with something they are not so familiar with – sajiao.

Sajiao is a part of dating culture in China that is the product of Neoconfucianism.

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