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“They’re leaving you behind.” I’ve told this story before, about the woman who told me that my (younger) friends who were getting engaged and married were leaving me behind. There’s no need to catch up to your married friends, dating friends, or coupled-up friends.

It’s Singles Awareness Day, and I just want to tell all my single people out there that you have not been left behind.

The show continues to open up to a whole new audience – many of whom weren’t even born when it debuted.

There’s no race or competition to the altar or happily ever after. Join me this month as I talk about loving your single life.

Just like we tell children not to grow up too fast, don’t run away from your single life. Don’t rush in and out of seasons because you’ll miss something. Catch up on travel goals, food goals, or lazy days.

), there are still many lessons that are applicable in college from the bleach blond, beautiful, beach bum bunch.

We pulled up a stool at The Peach Pit (OK, more like “holed up and didn’t shower or leave the house for two weeks”) and marathoned 10 years’ worth of the teen drama, just to impart its wisdom directly to you.

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I may be an outlier, but I LOVE mixing friend groups.

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