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Chileans often live at home until they’re well into their twenties and potentially until they’re married.

Since you started dating your Chilean boyfriend, your gringa fría (cold foreigner) ways have melted, and you’ve conformed to the ways of the Latin lover.

You’ve even warmed up to the previously appalling nose-to-nose nuzzle, and now you’re certain there’s no going back.

Chile’s national dance is the cueca, which essentially represents a rooster courting a chicken.

Once I did meet her, I also met others as she seems to be the queen bee of Gringas married to Chileans online.

Anyway, this week Kyle decided, via a suggestion from Heather, that we should all do posts on the same topic on the same day. To tell the truth, I am not sure what to say about this topic.

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Me gusta el BUEN una buena empresa de bebida y un o una conversación agradable en publico o privado. I'm a good listener and I do like listening to the advice given to me by someone.

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