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Until recent years, most people looking for love tended only to pick someone from within their surrounding areas — likely due to accessibility and proximity — which often contained people of a similar genetic history.

As this pattern repeated over long periods of time, those married couples who shared a similar ancestry then had kids, and as that cycle continued through generations, scientists realized it may have significantly impacted any genetic studies conducted in that area.

He strenuously resisted petitions for incorporation of the town, which was officially incorporated in 1700, following his death the previous year.

To build a strong solid commitment to each other and build a strong foundation to start a family, so you can raise your children to have good, healthy, happy life, with good morals.

During their very first examination of the patterns of married couples sharing similar genes in specific areas across the United States, researchers focused on partners from three different generations of people from Framingham, Massachusetts.

These individuals all took part in the Framingham Heart Study, a heart health study that began in 1948.

After genetically determining the ancestry of grand total of 879 married couples, researchers found those of Northern European, Southern European and Ashkenazi descent were most likely to drift toward spouses who shared the same background as them. Some people don't look to branch too far outside their own box.

As time went on, researchers noticed the following generations tended to drift away from this pattern, with people becoming It's unknown if these findings carry over to different communities, but it's something worth researching more in the future.

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I like all the precious moments in life and I want find the right person I am meant to be with and share these things together.

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