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You don't have to back up or restore this file as it is created and updated automatically by the server.It's stored in the following default locations, based on the client version and the Outlook account type: Outlook Data Files (.pst) contain your e-mail messages, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes.You must use Outlook to work with the items in a file.When you archive Outlook information, items are saved in a files.If i create a new Outlook profile there's no OAB created either. The server updates the OAB etc just fine via powershell and the outlook clients are connected by MAPI if i got this right.Microsoft connectivity test tool just reports that everything's just nice and iphones/androids just connect fine to. I can delete the oab and the profile folder is recreated but empty.

In the following section, we are going to discuss how to resolve such issues.All the email applications retain an Address Book to preserve a record of all the contacts.Out of which, one such email application is Outlook that stores its address book data offline as OAB (Offline Address Book) extension used by Microsoft Corporation.Kindly suggest me any solution how to solve this Outlook OAB not updating issue?” Today I just notice that my newly added contacts are not displayed up, even contacts images are not properly displayed, I believe my Outlook OAB not updating properly please suggest me, any solution to fix it? A user can follow the below steps to Update Offline Address Book files in Exchange Server.

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I might have a problem with my Offline Address Book in Outlook.

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