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Sky would like a neutral arbiter to at least look at the case, namely the Competition & Markets Authority, and there’s something to be said for that.

However, the questions posed by BT, Sky and the rest may be too big even for the latter’s remit.

In the red corner: BT, draping itself in the flag as the national champion of the UK’s digital future.

In the blue corner: Sky, with an argument that it is anti-competitive for BT to own both a broadband provider and BT Openreach, which provides the infrastructure used by BT, Sky and others to sell super-duper mega-fast broadband.

The short-term horizons of investors in the UK stock market mean Openreach might not remain long on the public markets.To do that you need to run the two banks side by side.But Barclays, we are told, wants to have one encased by the other, at least until its underperforming investment bank is a little more healthy. Most of the big British banks are likely to ask for more or less temporary “transitional” waivers to get themselves in shape.Joey “MN ICE” Abell (32-9, 30 KOs) from Coon Rapids, MN, versus Raymond Ochieng (26-20, 21 KOs) from Ham Lake, MN! This event will also feature Marty Lindquist, Uriel Lara, and more.

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