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In one of the photos, the country girl and proud Texan appears to be sitting on Ryan's lap while holding a Corona Light and resting her hand on her love's leg, which is a nod to the lyrics of his single about their relationship, "Love In a Bar." The images show off the singer's dazzling new accessory.

Other snaps in the post show the couple staring into each other's eyes.

I did one through New Zealand on a motorcycle, and I tried to cross Australia on a motorcycle from one end of the continent to the other.

We wrote 'Last Turn Home,' that Tim Mc Graw recorded, and we would write and then after we’d go over to a bar in midtown and have a couple beers.

You owe this to the American people.” Trump’s near 80-minute, blustery and bombastic press conference was in many ways the kind he would deliver during the campaign — leaving many in the media a bit disoriented at what they witnessed.

The difference this time is that the gamesmanship of a campaign have given way to governing.

Shepard Smith, the Fox News anchor, on Thursday afternoon seemed to have had enough of Donald Trump’s slams at the media as peddlers of “fake news” — or, when it comes to CNN, “very fake news.” “It is crazy what we are watching every day, it is absolutely crazy,” Smith said.

“He keeps repeating ridiculous throwaway lines that are not true at all and sort of avoiding this issue of Russia as if we are some kind of fools for asking the question.” Smith then started to look into the camera and added, “Really?

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