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For the first season, Freddie Stroma played suitor Adam Cromwell, but even though there’s a new leading man on board for season two — Darius Hill, “Everlasting’s” first-ever black suitor, played by B. Britt — Stroma will still find his way into “Un Real’s” second season.

“I’m basically there to stir things up,” Stroma said this weekend at the series’ For Your Consideration panel in Hollywood, Calif., where his “Un Real” co-star and real-life fiance Johanna Braddy sat in the audience. Sertner and co-creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro confirmed that Stroma will be back, and teased that his return will shake up the world of Rachel (Appleby) — who also has a new love interest this season (played by Michael Rady) — but they stayed mum on details. She’s a nice Jewish girl, he’s a nice Jewish boy.” Zimmer chimed in: “Quinn hates him.” However, Rachel isn’t the only producer who’s making time for romance this season. Quinn’s not going to let Rachel have all the fun,” Shapiro says, confirming that new cast member Ioan Gruffudd will be playing Quinn’s romantic interest.

So, I look forward to hitting my stride and growing into my future roles gracefully.’The £450 seat from Kitzbuhel, Austria, is now firmly anchored in the garden of the house Chemmy, 31, shares with fellow skier — and future husband — Dougie Crawford, 26, on the Thames near Hampton Court.‘Unfortunately our old garden seat was washed away so we needed a replacement,’ says Chemmy, who is in training for next month’s Winter Games at Sochi in Russia, despite recovering from her third broken leg.

Having survived two attempts to de-select him after the disclosure that he had a 19-month affair with his former secretary while his wife was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, Tory MP James Gray was determined not be unseated as he joined his local hunt in the rain over the weekend.

He adds: ‘The older a male actor gets the better he becomes — look at Harrison Ford, he wasn’t even discovered until he was in his 30s.

"My make-up artist turned out to be an Oscar winner, which was just as well, but because it was an independent movie they didn't have the money to make me up a wig from scratch, so they cobbled together something from pieces of old wigs.

We had to put a bald cap on me first to try to achieve Blair's receding hairline, but that was a complete disaster.

“Un Real,” Lifetime’s dark comedy that’s set in the fictional world of a reality dating show, “Everlasting,” returns tonight with its second season.

The show re-sets each season, introducing a new suitor and new cast of contestants, while keeping cutthroat producers Quinn and Rachel, played by Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby, at the forefront.

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