Dealing with intimidating managers dating a former coworker

In any event, they unquestionably lead to decreased workplace productivity.Victims may experience a loss of confidence, debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, clinical depression and even physical illnesses.Dealing with intimidating colleagues or managers is essentially a matter of using solid assertiveness and feedback techniques.Most Alpha People (APs) maintain their power through ensuring people are cowed by them and therefore don’t stand up for themselves – so the APs remain unchallenged.Talking to your boss or human resources department and documenting instances of hostile or inappropriate behavior is the standard advice. But you also need to be able to handle these people on a day-to-day basis (at least until the person causing the trouble is terminated or leaves of his own volition).

· Use clear feedback to tell people of the impact of their behaviour and what you expect from them. I’d prefer it if you could lower your tone and we could talk about this properly instead of arguing.” · Plan your words – be clear, concise and direct.“His or her behavior, whether it's whining, sniping, taking up too much of your time, or something else, is deeply rooted, and may have been going on for years,” says Lacey.This can be a tough realization for some, but trying to “rescue” a perpetually angry colleague is likely to just leave you feeling defeated. “Displaying self-discipline can deescalate a situation because [you] are aware of [your] attitude and behavior and can make adjustments accordingly,” says Lisa Barrow, a consultant and speaker on workplace bullying.They have difficulty accepting any type of direction or criticism - and commonly and aggressively challenge others on any decisions with which they disagree.When these employees are confronted regarding their workplace behaviour or performance through the imposition of workplace expectations or discipline, they launch aggressive and disrespectful campaigns against management, "witnesses" and at times, shop stewards, through grievances, harassment complaints and otherwise.

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